The wedding of dan & ana, Marco island, Florida

The love story of Dan & Ana is one of high school sweethearts that has stood the test of time. "Ana, you asked me recently what I thought the first time I ever saw you.. And then I realized that I've had the privilege of seeing you for the first time so many times..." Watch their film to hear their full story.

the wedding teaser of Brent & haley, Estes park, Colorado

One week ago we had the honor of capturing Brent & Haley's gorgeous mountain wedding in Estes Park, Colorado. Here is just a little teaser of their love story to get you excited for their full film. These two are crazy passionate for one another and for Jesus. Super cool to get to spend time celebrating and exploring with them!

the wedding of troy & Jessica, The Amalfi Coast, Italy

Troy & Jessica are all about family. Their destination wedding from NYC to Italy would not have been the same without the 30 other people who flew to join them in the beginning of their new adventure together. We are so honored that they chose us to tell their story!

the elopement teaser of troy & Jessica - The Amalfi Coast, Italy

This precious New York couple flew across the world with their family and closest friends to start their adventure together as husband and wife. Troy and Jessica's intimate elopement on the Amalfi Coast of Italy was breathtakingly gorgeous, and their sincere love for each other and for their families left everyone (including us) with eyes full of happy tears.

the wedding of Jeff & Erica

"Aesthetics, design, and both are makers." Watch the story of Jeff & Erica and their gorgeous urban wedding.

the wedding of Mateo & Ashley

Family is so important to Ashley & Mateo. Their wedding celebration was full of happy tears, and even though it was chilly outside, they still looked amazing as they rocked their portraits. The fire inside their hearts kept them warm. Cheesy we know-but seriously. Watch it to see what we are talking about.

Words won't do this couple justice-you just have to see for yourself. Matt & Lauren's love is beautiful and sincere and they complete each other in the most perfect ways. Truly an honor to get to tell their love story, which started and will live on in Nashville, TN.

David and Sanam are two beautiful souls. The three days of colorful traditions and celebrations for these two were so exciting and rich with emotion. We loved every second of it-And we are in love with how their teaser came together!

the wedding teaser of drew & Lexi

This couple seriously had one of the most amazing weddings we've ever been a part of! Lexi and Drew are so sweet to eachother and could'nt stop smiling the entire day. They wrote sweet love letters and read them at their first touch early in the day. Lexi entered the ceremony on a white horse -princess style, through an arbor that Drew built with his own hands! And we could go on--these two know how to do it right! Watch a sneak peak of their gorgeous celebration and get excited for their full film coming soon...

Matt & Lauren are some of the nicest, funnest, light hearted people you will ever meet. This amazing couple had a romantic, stately wedding at the elegant Riverwood Mansion in Nashville TN. Their ceremony took place in the middle of a garden just off the terrace of the estate and was showered in golden light just before sunset. Lauren entered through an archway covered in hanging ivy, and Matt's face gave away his immense excitement to marry his bride. Seriously, we could not have dreamed up a more perfect wedding day if we tried! 

Brett & That's all we can find to say! We are so truly honored that we were chosen to tell their love story. Such sincerity and passion between these two! The vows are enough to make anyone cry, without even touching the raw beauty of their hearts for one another. And there could not have been a more romantic, sun-drenched venue for the beginning of their forever--Bramble Tree Estate in Orlando, FL.

The sun setting on the inlet was an absolutely stunning ending to Chase & Nicole's romantic wedding day. These two are perfect for each other and we could not have had more fun being a part of their celebration! Full film in the works, coming soon!

There are not enough words to describe the intense, passionate love that Nate & Nathalia have. The entire day was a crazy celebration for this couple, that clearly belong together. Watching Nate's reaction to his bride's entrance is a speechless, priceless moment that we were so lucky to witness, and capture forever. Another great example of why we love what we do!!

the wedding of Ryan & Katie

Ryan & Katie are such a sweet, joy-filled couple and you can see it in the way they look at each other. They didn't let a little rain get in the way of their love. Watch the film to see their full story.

Brett & Emily have the contagious, radiant kind of joy that cannot be contained. Under the grand oak at Bramble Tree Estate, they promised each other forever, as their family and friends laughed, cried, sang and prayed with them.

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