Hi, we are Alex and Marina Lupinek(a.k.a "The Dream Team")! We are based out of Orlando, Florida, and our passion is telling love stories across the globe. We believe there is nothing more beautiful in this world than love, and we find incredible joy in learning, experiencing, and portraying love stories in our cinematic films. 

Everyone has a story. Each one is entirely unique, different from any other story, and we LOVE telling couples' unique stories through cinematography. The day a couple gets married is such a huge moment in their story, and we believe these fleeting moments deserve to live on forever, which is how we got into the business of love story telling.

When we heard that some good friends of ours were not going to have professional photography or videography to capture their wedding, we would not allow it! We wanted to make sure that their day was well documented so their special day would be preserved forever. What started as a mere favor turned into us finding our passion, and we have been on a wild journey of pursuing the art of love story telling ever since. 

When we use the word passion to express our feeling toward what we do, we aren't just using it flippantly. We really, truly, thoroughly, 100% LOVE telling love stories. It has become such an intimate part of our lives, and we can't imagine living life doing anything else. Every part of the process is such an adventure, from meeting our couples, researching and preparing gear, waking up early on wedding days, traveling to new and exciting destinations, building friendships with brides and grooms, taking our cameras out for a spin on the dance floor, to hours of editing, and ultimately giving our couples a timeless, priceless gift that they can enjoy and relive for the rest of their lives. To us, there is just no other thing in this world that we would rather do.

One thing we don't like to do is work with strangers. So we'll go first! Here's some fun facts [:


  • Born in Irvine, Cali

  • Marketing major

  • Love to travel

  • Married my first love

  • Playing soccer since I could walk

  • Hiking and outdoors

  • Spicy food

  • Worst dancer in the world

  • Technology junkie


  • Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • BIG Packer fan (Cheesehead for life)

  • Madly in love with my husband

  • Multimedia Journalism major/Photography minor

  • Retired Dancer

  • Unhealthy obsession with animals

  • Wanderlust

  • Outside>inside

  • Foodie


Alright, now it's your turn! Head over to our contact page, fill it out and tell us about you! Let us tell your love story- it would be our absolute pleasure. 

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